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Top Five Beaches in Toronto Featured

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Through the eyes of Kevin…

Our beaches may not rival the beaches of Spain or the South of France, but they are definitely a good substitute for people that want to get away from the city and enjoy some sand, water, and sunshine. Here are my picks for the best beaches to visit in Toronto:

  1. Woodbine Beach: Woodbine Beach is located at the bottom of Woodbine Avenue, near Ashbridge’s Bay Park. Looking out over the sprawling waters of Lake Ontario, this beach is spacious and sociable. If you're looking for something more than lounging on the sand and taking a dip in the water, Woodbine has over 90 beach volleyball courts owned by the Ontario Volleyball Association, designated for public use. The water quality meets all standards and has been recognized for its safety and community engagement since 2005.
  2. Hanlan’s Point: Hanlan’s Point, located on the Toronto Islands, is well known for it’s clothing optional area. However, don't be discouraged to bring the family. There are clothing mandatory sections and nearby is one of Toronto’s first amusement parks, which causes the beach to get awfully busy on hot weekends. The water quality is pristine, having received a Blue Flag label, and you'll have trouble finding softer sand anywhere in the city.
  3. Sunnyside Beach: Just West of the Exhibition grounds, Sunnyside Beach spans a long stretch of sand along Lake Ontario. It is not the ideal place to swim, being the closest beach to the downtown core, but it makes up for it with its view, being able to see all the way to Hamilton on a clear day. The Gus Ryder Pool is also located directly next to the beach which draws in lots of overheated families looking to cool off. The beach is great on summer evenings and weekends, sitting on the beach or grassy area and enjoying the scenery.
  4. Cherry Beach: Located at the bottom of Cherry Street, Cherry Beach is a popular spot for kite boarding and surfboarding. The beach atmosphere is laid back and lacks the showy 'beach body' patrons who prowl some of the other beaches looking for attention. The water quality has also received a Blue Flag label and is great for swimming.
  5. Bluffer’s Park: Bluffer’s Park is located at the bottom of Brimley Road. The beach itself at Bluffer's Park is one of the nicest in the city. With the Scarborough Bluffs to the north, the park is both scenic and well tended. It is also an excellent place for a nighttime bonfire and hiking. The beach offers great water and sand quality.


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