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Top Five Ways to Celebrate Canada Day Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy…

Canada Day isn't just about celebrating our country, it's also about spending time with family, friends, neighbors, and, of course, your fellow Canadians. Here are five great ways to enjoy and celebrate Canada Day:

  1. Organize a Cookout: Enjoy the outdoors by eating outside with family, friends, and neighbors. And why not celebrate Canada's multiculturalism by having a potluck and asking everyone to bring a dish from their ethnic background.
  2. Attend a Parade: Watch or participate in a Canada Day parade. Put on the red and white face-paint and wave your flags with pride while enjoying the radiant company of other Canadians.
  3. Visit a Museum: For a quieter celebration, visit a museum to learn about Canadian history. The insight into Canada's founding and development might make you appreciate how far we've come.
  4. Gather at Canada Place: Plan ahead and book some tickets to Canada Place, located in Vancouver. Enjoy the music, performances, and ceremonies. Enter a contest that tests your Canadian knowledge, or show the nation your artistic skills, and have fun with your loved ones.
  5. Go to the Beach: There is something so charming about the beach at night. With the fading warm glow of the sun, fireworks burning across the night sky, and laughter all around, ending Canada Day at the beach is a surefire way create fond memories.


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