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SQM Testimonials

"My experience with Evaluate It was a pleasant surprise. The questionnaire was easy to follow, and the report was very easy to fill in online. The cheque arrived so quickly! I look forward to participating again!!"

Stephanie – Brampton, ON 

 "The Evaluate It program has made it possible and affordable for me to explore new places all over Ontario."

Deborah – Bridgewater, NS 

 "When I am planning a trip I always look to see what is available on the site before I book anything."

Jackie – Kanata, ON 

 "I am enjoying saving money with the Evaluate It program, and the reports are quick and simple. Great value!"

Julie - North-Cobalt, ON 

 "I have enjoyed the communication with the coordinators and found it very helpful." 

Carol-Joy – Wolfville, NS 

 "I really appreciated how quickly I received the payment - and the report was fun and easy!" 

Sandra – Mississauga, ON 

 "I found the 50% savings on the lodging to be great; it's a wonderful way to travel with reasonable costs. Thanks for this opportunity."

Joy – Dartmouth, NS 

 "My experience with Evaluate It has been that the surveys are very straightforward, easy to fill out and payment is very fast."

Wendy – Salisbury, NB 

 "This way of traveling has given me the opportunity to save money while enjoying the beauty of our country without the stress of traffic!"

Sue - Ste-Anne-des-Plaines,QC 

 "I've done a few train and accommodation jobs for Evaluate It, and it really saved me a lot of money on my travel. This is a great way to cut your costs in half, and the reporting is really quite easy."

Susan – Thamesville, Ontario 

 "What a great savings program, to have so much of my cost reimbursed so quickly, after traveling first class." 

Pat - London, Ontario

 "There is such a large selection of hotels to choose from that there is always one near where I am traveling and it is an excellent way to save expenses - especially when you are self employed." 

Lawrence – Kingsville, ON 

 "I saved a lot of money by doing two evaluations during one weekend. The job was easy, fun and well paid. Will do more for sure!"

Isabelle – Lasalle, QC 

 "The Evaluate It Mystery Shops are a great deal - you have the chance to fly to major destinations for half the price, and the report was simple to complete. You can't find a better arrangement out there, especially with today's airfares!"

Jenn – Toronto, ON 

 "I backpacked China with my mom. She will be 70 this year. I can't express what that means for me to be able to do this." 

Holly – Toronto, ON

 "I am very glad that this service allows me to travel at a much more affordable price than an average passenger."

Irene – Toronto, ON 

 "SQM has provided me the opportunity to explore the different types of products and/or services that I would have otherwise not considered; in addition, has broadened my knowledge on various meticulous etiquettes from the different evaluations assigned." 

Michael - Toronto ON, Canada 

 "I felt really comfortable doing this shop. The instructions were easy to follow and payment was prompt." 

Susan – Kelowna, BC

 "This was a godsend opportunity for me during the two years of my long distance relationship. Working with them saved me tons of money when constantly traveling from the east coast to the west coast of the States. I love the flight program. I found SQM very responsive as a company, and also found their surveys and questionnaires straightforward and reasonable. If you are a frequent flyer, this is a great way to save money on flights particularly during the holiday season or the busy summer season. It’s not money making, it's money saving." 

Lisa N - Dallas, TX

 "I completed 4 hotel reports and the hotel facilities were comfortable and pleasant, and the report was easy. Definitely your money's worth!" 

Dave - Chicago, IL