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Serving Up a Scoop of Customer Service Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy…

Summer is here, and its a great time to indulge in some delicious ice cream. However, what makes ice cream even more delicious is being able to enjoy it with a friend at a joint that serves up great customer service!

My friend and I recently visited an ice cream shop we'd had our eye on for a while. Upon entering the shop, we were greeted warmly by an employee standing behind a display of vibrantly colored ice cream. There were so many different flavors, from the classic vanilla or chocolate, to the more unusual strawberry-rhubarb or mango. As we tried to make up our minds, the employee informed us that all of their ice cream was homemade with the freshest dairy products, and that even their waffle cones were homemade.

Still indecisive about which flavor to purchase, the employee asked us if we wanted to try out a few samples. I have commitment issues, so the employee really had the customer service aspect nailed down when she let us try it before we bought it.  We tried the black licorice, toffee butter brittle, and cherry cheesecake. They all tasted delicious, which only made our decision tougher. In the end, my friend decided on the toffee butter brittle while I chose the strawberry.

The fresh, homemade ice cream served on a hot waffle cone did not disappoint. Whether toffee butter brittle or strawberry flavored, the texture of the ice-cream was consistent, creamy, and deliciously authentic. The excellent customer service and assortment of flavors will have my friend and I returning for this sweet treat!

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