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Five Reasons to Travel Featured

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Through the eyes of Suzy...

Everyone dreams about traveling and exploring new cities around the world. Leaving their current life behind, they fantasize about being carefree and stress-free. Other than the obvious reason of wanting to escape the endless amount of work hours and stress of every day life, why else do people want to travel? Here are five reasons why:

1. It's a new challenge: What's better than leaving your comfort zone and taking on a new challenge? Many people love to face and enjoy the challenges of traveling in a new place. For people who are drowning in routine life, traveling may seem like a good idea.

2. You get to learn about yourself: If you are never put in a position that forces you to think on your feet and protect yourself, you will never know how independent you can be on your own. When traveling, you become very self-aware and self-sufficient.

3. You realize how big the world is: You know how sometimes you feel as if you know enough in your life? For instance, I felt that way after I finished my university final exams. After studying for accounting and finance exams, I felt as if I knew enough things to last me months... until I began traveling during the summer and realized that academic knowledge is nothing compared to the things I can learn while exploring the world. Whenever you travel, you realize how big the world is and how small you are in comparison.

4. It gives you stories to tell: Traveling makes it extremely easy to grab the interest of people when you meet new people. When you have countless unusual stories from your traveling days, it becomes a piece of cake to sound interesting!


5. It widens your understanding of other cultures: You may be well-aware of other cultures out there, but you won't truly experience it until you are a part of it. If you travel to Korea for instance, you will be in awe of the cultural difference and food choices. Even if you travel within a country, you can still experience the smaller things that other people appreciate in other places.  

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