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Leaving a Good Impression on Customers Featured

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Through the eyes of Kevin...

When I’m in the mood for something other than the meager food supply I have in my cupboard at home I go to a nearby food plaza that sells subway sandwiches. It’s my favourite restaurant, specifically due to the employee’s ability to maintain my customer loyalty.

When I walked into the restaurant a few days ago, the restaurant employee called me by name and asked if I would like my usual sub: A pizza sub toasted with Swiss cheese. I said yes and he began preparing my sub. He didn’t have to ask about the type of bread or toppings. When the employee completed the sub, he folded the bread closed and used a knife to cut the sub in half, wrapping it up in wrapping paper. The employee asked me if I would like to pay with my credit card, which I did, as I always do. He didn’t even have to ask me if I preferred my sub “to-go”, saving time for me by placing my sub in a bag.

It’s the simple gestures like this that make me continue to return to this restaurant. It leaves me with the impression that this subway restaurant cares enough about me to not only know who I am but also my preferences.


If you’ve experienced great service that impressed you, share it in the comments. 

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