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Top 5 Ways To De-Stress Before Exams Featured

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All high school, college, and university students are aware that final exams are creeping up!  Although it may not seem too stressful at first, it can become overwhelming as the exam day gets closer. Here are ways to de-stress before and after exams!

1. Stay Ahead of The Game

It is never too early to start organizing your notes. If you want to be creative and make it a fun task, go to a local dollar store and buy some colourful tabs to separate your information. This will make an upcoming studying session easy to follow, help you find the information you need faster, and you might enjoy studying off of a presentable binder.

2. Study Sessions

Create a study group with a couple of classmates or friends where you each can help each other stay focused and explain sections you may be confused about. Before you commit to the group, make sure the people in this group will work hard during their time together.

3. Snacks

Make sure you have a lot of healthy snacks around you to keep you energized while you are studying. Although most students prefer sugary snacks, it’s important to keep in mind that these types of snacks are not going to maintain a stable energy boost. You can even reward yourself with some comfort food for when you are done studying to keep you motivated.

4. Take a Walk

Get up and take a walk after you complete reading/writing a significant portion of your notes. Staying active and being exposed to fresh air always relieves the extra tension. Take your dog, sibling, friend, or iPod with you on your walk so you can enjoy some company or music.

5. Sweet Dreams

In the midst of exam preparation, you may forget about the most important thing...YOURSELF! Not eating or sleeping right can disturb your ability to do well during exams, even with all the successful studying you may have done. Get all the sleep you can so your body does not shut down on you when you need it to be fully awake. Take care of your body and make sure to get a good night's rest after every study session and before every exam.


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