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Top Five Ways to Get Over a Break Up Featured

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A couple of days ago, we provided you with tips on how to avoid a break-up but we know that sometimes it just becomes inevitable! So, here are our tips to help you get over a break up.

1. Get a Makeover

Treat yourself to a new haircut, a new wardrobe or splurge at the make-up counter. This will allow you to refresh your look and provide you a “new start.”

2. Restore Your Social Life

When you are in a relationship, it is easy to lose track of close friends and family. Call them up, make plans to go out and spend some quality time with them. No matter how many relationships you have and how many break ups you go through, family and friends will last forever.

3. 30-day Cleanse

Sometimes you and your ex will decide to be “friends,” DO NOT! Spend at least 30 days post break up where you DO NOT talk, text, see or even connect on social media with your ex. Cut all communication! It will hurt, yes but it is worth it!

4. Stop telling “The Story” to Others

It is inevitable that we want to tell everyone what happened and how it happened but don't! You will only keep hurting yourself more by making yourself feel the pain over and over again!

5. Beware of the Rebound

Of course, when you feel vulnerable, it is easy to want someone new to make it all go away but be careful! Just like a cut, sometimes putting a band aid over it will not heal it. Putting a band aid over a cut just cover up the wounds for you to still feel inside.

Whatever your way is to overcome a break-up, just remember “There is only one person responsible for your happiness ...and that is YOU”


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