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How To Avoid A Breakup Featured

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Through the eyes of an intern...

Did you have an enjoyable Valentine's Day? Did you spend quality time with your significant other? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, a relationship starts to break apart. Here are some things you can do when you start to feel the strain:

1. Be Honest

Be true to yourself and express your wants and needs from your relationship. Let your partner know if you are unhappy with anything. Playing the blaming game in the end won't be much fun. Try not to be negative, put a positive spin on all your negative thoughts. You don't want your partner to think that you're attacking them.

2. Communicate

Communication is important but are you a good communicator? You may find that sometimes your communication may lead into an argument. Try writing your feelings down and read it over. If you find what you've written is not as big of a problem as you had thought, then discard that problem in the form of a paper. On the other hand, if your problem seems as big as you thought or bigger try to find the source of it. Reason it out in your head before you approach your partner with it. Keep calm and remember that you want to solve the issue not make it bigger.

3. Pencil in a Date

Life can get pretty hectic for all of us. With work, school and bills to pay, we can become pretty overwhelmed. Do yourself a favour and give yourself a break. Take an evening off to get away from everything and take your partner out on a cute, romantic, simple or fancy date. You owe a little bit of time to them, take a step back and enjoy some quality time together. If you don't think you can remember this, pencil in a date on your busy calendar to make sure you don't forget. Remember to do this frequently.

4. A Text Can Speak Volumes

Maybe you're one of those people who wakes up half an hour before the time they need to be somewhere, runs in and out of the washroom, dashes out the door with one shoe on and catches the bus right before it passes their stop. Through all of this, it only takes one second to send a Good Morning text or to actually say it. Make it a habit to say good morning, have a good day and goodnight to your loved one. You never know how busy your day will be and if you will have the chance to say it later.

5. A Break Is Not a Breakup!

Contrary to what Ross believes, a break is not a break up. Sometimes taking a little bit of a hiatus from your partner can do wonders for a relationship. You can take a step back and re-evaluate everything before proceeding full speed ahead.

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