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Top Four Ways to Maintain Your Lawn Featured

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April showers have brought May flowers... and even some luscious green grass! You don't need a professional lawn-care company to keep your lawn looking beautiful for the rest of the season. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

1. Do not fertilize your lawn too many times. Too much fertilizer will cause rapid grass growth, which will make the grass plants much more vulnerable to disease and insects. Fertilizing once during the fall is best for the roots because when winter arrives, the grass stops growing but the soil remains warm enough for root growth much longer. This will allow your roots to support a healthy lawn in the spring and summer.

2. Begin mowing grass at the highest setting on your lawn mower (3 to 4 inches). The taller your grass is, the healthier it will be, since tall grass shades out weed seeds, preventing them from sprouting. It also assists in keeping the soil cooler, which keeps in the moisture and allows the soil microbes to proliferate. This will allow the grass to spread into bare spots and lets the roots penetrate deep into the soil.

3. Do not apply pesticides, fungicides or insecticides. All of these will kill the living things (earthworms, good microbes, etc.) in the soil that contribute to rich soil. Chemicals are unnecessary if you follow these tips. A healthy lawn is strong and is less likely to submit to disease or insect damage.

4. You do not need to water grass during dry weather. This may make the leaves brown, but the roots can stay strong for months. If you want to keep your lawn green all summer, water occasionally but not everyday. It is best to use a sprinkler for an hour once or twice per week. This will allow the roots to grow deep.

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