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Top Five Reasons to Become a Volunteer Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

For quite some time, I was very involved in having a paying job and making a substantial amount of money to sustain myself and the things that I like to enjoy. I was so caught up in my work that I never got the chance to slow down. I was constantly doing things for myself and thinking about how different factors would affect my life and my life alone, but one day I stopped to think. I realized that I did little for others and my surrounding community, so I decided to volunteer for a cause that I strongly believed in. Once I started to volunteer, it changed the way that I viewed the world. Volunteering isn't strictly for charitable causes- you can also volunteer at hospitals and animal shelters, but whichever you decide, know that volunteering is great in any situation! Here are my top five reasons for volunteering:

1. For Insight: There are so many people in the world with diverse and interesting backgrounds, cultures, and ways of thinking. Volunteering in order to reach a common goal brings everyone together and broadens your mind to the diversity of the world.

2. For Personal Growth: Volunteering can help you learn about yourself and the positive impact you can have on other's lives.

3. For Community: Giving back to a community that has helped and supported you is an amazing feeling. Being able to support a community by helping to improve education and supporting youth are only a couple of ways to inspire and create a better future for everyone.

4. For Health: Volunteering helps to reduce mental stress because it evokes the positive emotion of joy and generates optimism. Taking some time off to volunteer daily allows one to break away from daily
stressful situations as well.

5. For Experience: If you are interested in gaining some experience in a particular field, volunteering in that field may help one decide if it is right for them. Volunteers are able to gain professional
experience in their field of choice.

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