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Top Five Bubble Tea Spots in Toronto Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

Which drink is delicious, oftentimes fruity, and contains tapioca? Bubble tea! This delicious treat can be served either hot or cold so it's perfect anytime of the year! Whether you are meeting
with a friend or on a break, bubble tea is a fun drink that all can enjoy. Listed below are five shops located in Toronto that serve delicious bubble tea:

1. Real Fruit Bubble Tea: This shop lives up to its namesake as they use fresh and real fruit as opposed to powders for their bubble tea. Look forward to enjoying a variety of flavours as this shop allows for combinations of different fruits.

2. Tea Shop 168: This shop is the largest bubble tea chain in Canada, and for good reason. Customers enjoy the shop's sweet bubble tea along with Taiwanese-Asian cuisine.

3. Bubble Tease: This shop takes pride in its tapioca which is made with a strict freshness policy. Not only is the tapioca fresh but of high quality, to ensure that the customers can fully enjoy the 'bubbles' in their bubble tea.

4. Chatime: This shop offers a variety of other teas along with bubble tea. Different teas include, but are not limited to, their Tea Espresso, Signature Milk Tea, and Tea Latte. Furthermore, ice options are available.

5. HiTea: This shop does not only offer their customers a variety of bubble tea, but a menu of waffles, cakes, and other desserts as well.

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