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The TTC- Driving to Change Customer Service Standards Featured

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It's been awhile since I have boarded a TTC bus at Finch Avenue and Weston Road, but this is where I met one of the best bus drivers that I have ever come across.

Many Torontonians will jump at the chance to complain about the TTC and it's employees, but I have nothing but praise for this particular bus driver. He wowed me with his level of professionalism from the moment I stepped onto the bus. Not only that, but he groomed himself very well and he created an aura that would welcome passengers onto the bus. Simply put, he was the poster child of the ideal TTC driver.

I'm quite new to Toronto and I am not extremely familiar with various TTC routes around the city, so I guess I wore a very confused look on my face as I approached his bus. The bus driver looked at me and asked, “Where exactly are you going? I noticed you’re a little bit undecided whether or not to ride this bus.”, to which I replied, “Scarborough, Duncan Mills to be specific,”. “In that case you can ride with me to York Mills Station and from there you will join another bus to your final destination.”, he advised. While he sat there, waiting for a couple of minutes to leave, he struck up a conversation with me where we discussed a couple world affairs, social issues, sports, and even my past on how I found myself in Toronto.

As the bus departed the station, I took my seat and I began to think that this bus driver was quite the rare gem. I watched him as he would smile and greet commuters as they entered and exited the vehicle. His smile was so infectious that some passengers acknowledged and commended it. I even heard one elderly lady say “You make my day, driver!”, as he lowered the bus so she could get off at her stop with ease.

As we pulled into York Mills Station, he made sure to point me into the right direction. From here, I knew exactly which bus I would have to take in order to get to my final destination and I was very thankful. As I turned around to wave goodbye, he sent me off by saying, “Have a great day and you be careful!”. 

I know that I was doing something quite mundane and routine, but I really began to ponder what a difference quality customer service makes to a business, be it private, public or charity. This bus driver emulated a positive customer service experience and he truly makes me look at the TTC in a different light. This just goes to show how far a little kindness can go to make a customer’s day and leave a lasting impression.

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