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Travelling and Restaurants: How to Save Money Featured

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Through the eyes of Joshua...

Going on vacation is always fun, especially if you’re travelling to a foreign locale. However, while vacations are a great way to forget your daily stresses, the expense of travelling can often leave a bad taste in your mouth—especially if you’re being overcharged by local restaurants. However, there are ways you can still enjoy the restaurants of a new city while ensuring that paying for it won’t leave your wallet totally empty.

1. Do your research: There are many sites out there, such as tripadvisor, who offer information about the sights, attractions, and most importantly, the restaurants. Look for customer reviews to inform you on the best places to eat and save money.
2. Buy Groceries: Your meals don’t have to arrive on a silver platter. Find a local grocery store and make your own dinner. This is a great way to eat cheap if you’re travelling with a group. You’re likely to find something just as new and interesting in a grocery store as you are on a restaurant menu. 
3. Cheaper Alternatives: Any location in the world will have street food, whether it’s from a New York food truck or an Indian bazaar. And with the prevalence of chains like McDonalds, you’re likely to stumble across one of them as well. Albeit, not the healthiest meal, or as swanky as a sit-down restaurant, it is the cheapest and most affordable.

The important thing about a vacation is not to get so caught up in the expenses that you don’t enjoy it. Splurge a little, but just make sure you have enough money to get home.

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