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Pleased to Meat this Burrito Joint Featured

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Through the eyes of Joshua...

While popular chains, such as Chipotle, have started to take over the restaurant business, I happened to stumble across a great self-owned and run burrito place close to my house. Looking for a snack closer to midnight, I saw the lights of this little restaurant still on. Inside, the joint was quiet- a few TTC employees huddled over some burritos in the corner. I approached the counter and ordered a steak burrito. I was amazed by their meat selection as they also had chicken, pork and, oddly enough, haddock and shrimp. They also offered beans (I chose black instead of pinto), rice, and, to my delight, free guacamole! Now, if free guacamole doesn't scream A+ customer service, then I don't know what does.

I watched as the floury tortilla was wrapped around the yummy filling and tossed on the grille to fry. As I waited, the owner talked to me from behind the grille. He explained that the meat he served was fresh and several grades above the processed meat found at the chain burrito places. I really appreciated the amount of care that he took in choosing where his meats come from.

While I did have to wait for my burrito, the wait was well worth it. The heartiness of the guacamole, rice, and lettuce was most excellent and I was well sated by the last bite. Not to mention, it was made to order- unlike some of the other burrito places that I have visited. I also decided to add some hot sauce served in a little cup. Wondering why the hot sauce serving was so small, I put a dab on my tongue – ouch! Hot was certainly the right word to describe it! 

The convenient hours, taste of the freshly grilled burrito, and excellent customer service will definitely have me coming back. I think I may have found my new favorite burrito joint!

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