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The Music Store that Rocks On Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy…

Located in the core of downtown Toronto is a music shop that values both its music-related products and music-loving customers. Whether it's punk, rock, metal, pop, or a mix of everything that you're into, the shop provides products for all types of music-lovers, including the newest designs of band t-shirts, albums, and accessories. The excellent products, coupled with friendly and accommodating sales associates, plays a tune that's hard to beat.

Recently, I went to the shop looking for one of my favorite band's t-shirts. As I entered the store I was immediately greeted by a friendly employee and hit with a wave of nostalgia as some music from my childhood was playing in the background. A large section of the store is dedicated to mainstream music, but there are sections commemorative to the influential movements of punk and rock.

The employee who greeted me was accommodating and friendly, taking the time to help me decide on the best design for the t-shirt, find the correct size, and inform me about their current sales and offers. Along with his attentiveness and great customer service, the employee revealed their music chops by speaking with me about my favorite band and giving me music recommendations.

I left the shop with a new top, an album featuring the nu-metal genre, and the unwavering decision to make all future music purchases here.

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