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Driving Off with a Great Deal on a New Car Featured

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Thinking of buying a car but can't afford to splurge too much? If you've never bought a car before, here are some ways to get a good deal on it.

Even though it may not be convenient, it certainly helps if you buy at the right time. A particularly good time is near the end of December. Car dealerships are looking to maximize their revenues by the year's end. They're also keen to pick up on the demands of bargain hunters before and after Christmas and are likely to advertise their best deals during that period. 

Also remember to do your research. Before heading out, frame a buying plan. What matters most to you- price, appearance, or performance? What qualities are you willing to trade off between competing factors? Match the qualities you seek between different dealerships. In the end, you'll be more aware of what to expect and at a better leverage point if, during a negotiation, a salesman offers a seemingly higher than normal price.  

Reading on-line reviews are also very helpful. There are several sites on the web that offer visitors the chance to read reviews by people who have owned certain models before. If you have a particular model in mind, be sure to check out a review and see how well it compares to your expectations.

Lastly, when dealing with the salesman at the dealership, be respectful. It may seem like they're simply out to make a quick sale but most salespeople actually care about their customers and seek to build strong, lasting relationships with them. Avoid giving them an unnecessarily tough time and they might just return the favor via a better deal.

Keeping these few things in mind should allow any first time car buyer  to secure a good deal.

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