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Keeping Your Change Really Adds Up! Featured

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If you are anything like me, then you probably have spare change lying around the house, in your car, in your pockets, and just about any little nook that you touch. I usually leave my change on some random ledge in the house as I go to empty my pockets. Let's face it- change is quite annoying and its like dead weight in your pocket. Aside from purchasing that early morning double double at your favorite coffee spot, small change is often seen as less “useful” than the big faced bills in our wallets.

Sure, spare change can make your pockets a little heavy, but all that weight can eventually turn into one of those colorful bills. For a while now, I have been consistently collecting all of my spare change and putting it into rolls. Once I reach $100 (which usually takes a while), I bring the rolls to my local bank and have them exchanged for a brand new bank note. To make the process easier, I purchased a coin divider from an office supply store to help keep my currency organized. Whenever a section becomes full, I simply transfer all of the coins into a coin roll, and stash it for a rainy day. Although $100 may not be much to some people, it is $100 more than I would have previously had – had I not kept my coins. If you need another way to store your coins you can even hollow out a big jar and try filling it to the top. The return on your investment may not be immediate, but your pockets will be lighter, and your bank account will be a bit heavier once you add up all of your spare change!

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