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Top 5 Ways to Eat on a Budget Featured

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Dining out at restaurants can become quite expensive, and someone who enjoys the finer foods in life may have a higher grocery bill than most. How do you avoid the costly goods? We've compiled our top ten ways to eat on a budget:

1. Check Store Flyers

Most large supermarkets put their weekly flyers on their website. Be sure to check the deals on-line and compare it with your grocery list, and map out which stores have the items you need that are on sale before heading out to get the best deal for your money. There is also an app called Flipp, which notifies you when your favorite grocery store flyer is out and which local store has the best deals.

2. Try Smaller Grocery Stores

Sometimes the big-named grocery stores do not have the prices we are looking for. If your neighbourhood has smaller, family-owned grocery stores, check them out! From my experience, I've found that they tend to have lower prices while having the same level of quality of food and cleanness as a big-named store.

3. Minimize Eating Out

There is no denying the fact that restaurant food is more expensive than food made at home. Avoid eating out unless its a special occasion. If you do decide to eat out, look for items that offer greater value for your dollar as opposed to quality and quantity.

4. Consider Replacements

While keeping to a list is essential, be on the look out for substitutes. If the price of oranges in your list have gone up but apples are on sale, you can opt for the apples instead.

5. Reduce Sugar Consumption

If your most of your snacks consist of sugary sweets, it's time to make a change. Not only are these snacks not good for you, they are costing you more money and will end up making you crave more food. Try eating fruits, trail mix, granola bars for your snacks; they're cheaper and will keep you full for a longer period of time.

If you find that you are consuming soda to quench your thirst, consider carrying a bottle and fill it frequently with water from the tap or filter. This will help you save money and reduce your calorie intake.

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