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Nature in our back yard: A trip to the Kortright Centre Featured

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Through the eyes of an intern...

Nestled in the quiet suburbs of Woodbridge, Ontario is the Kortright Centre for Conservation. This 325 hectare land is home to several hiking trails, a large welcome centre, and one of the best sustainable education programs in the province. It is also home to an incredible ecosystem that many animals, birds, and insects call home. With close to 135,000 annual visitors, the Kortright Center serves a variety of environmental and community needs on a daily basis. Their welcome centre and accompanying grounds even host weddings and large family functions. If tall trees seem like a  good backdrop for your special occasion, then this is definitely the place for you! What's even better is that the entrance fees are reasonably priced, and the welcome centre is host to a wide range of activities for children and the entire family. I also love how the trails engage a wide range of skill levels, allowing anyone to explore the beauty of nature at their own pace. You can pack a lunch and have a picnic, or eat at the welcome centre. At the Kortright Centre for Conversation, nature is right in your backyard!

If your would like to learn more about the Kortright Centre, feel free to check out their website:

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