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Things You Will Learn About Your Significant Other on Vacation Featured

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The last entry in our Valentine's Day series will look at how going on vacation with your significant other can be quite the learning experience for both parties. Whether it is your first time traveling in a new country, or just exploring another province or state, there are always new things that you will learn:

Change: Depending on which part of the world you are traveling, you will explore different sights, smell, food, art, language and culture. You can tell how your significant other responds and adapts to the change, whether it is positive or negative way. If your spouse embraces the new lifestyle, the better the experience will become. Some examples include becoming more social, making new friends, trying new food and exploring as if you are already a “local.”

New Interests: You know the saying “you never know until you try?” Maybe he/she does enjoy snorkeling, or wine making, or even salsa dancing in the streets of Paris. You will learn things about each other you never knew before, and perhaps integrate those new interests when the vacation comes to an end.

Generosity: This can be a mini test to see how your spouse chooses to take care of you when you have limited resources. Will your spouse take care of you when you get sick and are laying in bed all day because of food poisoning, or will he/she want to explore the city without you? Little gestures go a long way.

New Personality Traits: How your spouse deals with ingesting bad street food, unavoidable delays or bad customer service can be a turn off, or even a turn on. Sometimes, things don't go as planned and you have to deal with it in a mature manner. If he/she creates alternate plans, you know he/she is a person who does not take certain situations too seriously and knows how to have fun.

Final Evaluation: Now that you have experienced a getaway with your significant other, you have learned what his/her best or not to best qualities are. Did this trip affect your thoughts, or did this experience make your relationship even stronger? That is for you to decide!

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