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Airports that Beat Boredom With Technology! Featured

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Flying is always fun, but long waits for connecting flights can be boring, which is why airports continue to come up with different ways to make wait times less tiring and even productive. Last April, trying to escape the brutal winter, I proceeded on an overseas trip that took me through Toronto's Pearson, London’s Heathrow and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airports.

International airports always have well-trained staff to deliver quality customer service to passengers. Their employees use every contact with you to impress you. Air Canada, British Airways and KLM – the national carriers of the three countries – offer the same quality of customer service and are obsessed with projecting a sublime image of their countries.

Although all three airports have charming employees, Pearson is my favourite. The airport is ahead of its time when it comes to providing affordable communication facilities to passengers to fight boredom and satisfy their communication needs. With a large iPad-equipped Internet cafe at Air Canada's Departure Hall, you can keep busy while waiting for your flight.

Schiphol is charming, too, but you only have free Wi-Fi access for 30 minutes. After that be prepared to pay, and it isn’t cheap. I love walking around the hall, exploring and shopping.

Heathrow, on the other hand, is among the world’s biggest and busiest airports. Following attentively the easy-to-understand signs makes navigating the huge place easy. What thrilled me about the airport are the inspiring adverts that keep exercising my mind each time I pass through there. Wherever you look, you’re sure to see a poster or billboard advert that speaks to you. Meditating on the advert messages keeps me engaged while waiting for my connecting flight.

So next time you travel and find yourself bored while waiting to catch your connecting flight, find a way to exercise your mind and body.

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