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Top Five Places To Sell Your Artwork Online Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

Whether you are a painter, jewelry crafter, graphic designer, or a DIY expert, all artists should get the recognition they deserve. Not only are the 5 websites listed below great places to showcase the best of your artwork, but help you fund future projects as well!
1. Etsy: Whether you are selling art pieces for the home, handmade jewelry, craft supplies, or even vintage goods, Etsy is the website to go to to find your own niche.
2. RedBubble: Share your artwork through the mediums of shirts, hoodies, stickers, phone cases, and more on RedBubble. The artist uploads their art on the website and decides on which clothing products they want RedBubble to print their artwork on.
3. StoreEnvy: Get started on creating your own brand with StoreEnvy. This website features emerging brands and allows users to create their own collection of their favourite works. 
4. BigCartel: With quick store setups, customizable layouts, and business-minded features, BigCartel is a simple to use website that gives artists the basic tools necessary in creating their very own brand.
5. DaWanda: With active staff members who post about trending items on the site, DaWanda allows artists to create and share new forms of artwork with the community.

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