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Top Ten Travel Apps Featured

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Top Ten Travel Apps

When you're planning to go on an adventure, its always a good idea to make sure you have everything at your disposal to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. With many items to keep track of, why not let your phone do some of the work for you? Here's a list of top ten apps that can take a load off of your travel plans!

1. Wi-Fi Finder
This free app really comes in handy when you're trying to find a wireless Internet connection. It helps you to locate one from over 500,000 locations worldwide and it also differentiates between those that are free and those that have fees.

2. AccuWeather
Don't let the weather ruin your itinerary with this free app! It is updated by the hour with weather that is to be expected in the coming hours and days. You can also add new locations, so you can tailor your weather reports based on the place that you're currently roaming through.

3. mTrip
This free app is great for travellers who like to build their itinerary on the fly. You can makes changes to your plans as you please, view offline maps if you don't have an internet connection, and search through different points of interest. You can also send digital postcards while you're travelling, so we think it's an awesome app!

4. XE Currency Exchange
This free and very handy app allows you to keep track of local currencies. Based on the well known and reliable currency exchange website, this app offers the most recently updated rates and displays them against your chosen primary rate. It's very accurate and pulls the most recent data!

5. Orient Location Finder
This app provides a list of places relative to your current location. Simply add the places you plan on visiting and let the app do the rest. It will point you into the right direction and calculate the proximity between you and your destination. Orient Location Finder Lite is free, but it can also be upgraded for a fee.

6. Google Translate
Visiting a foreign country without having a means of translation can be a problem, but with this free app, you can translate English into a variety of languages. While the translation is not perfect, it does the job. The voice recognition feature on this app also makes for a user-friendly experience.

7. Evernote
This free app helps you take notes of everything from receipts, important documents, to foodie finds, and your typical tourist traps! This app uses OCR (optical character recognition) to arrange your notes into corresponding categories, so it's a great way to stay organized while you're on the go.

8. Airbnb
This free app allows you to find very affordable accommodation alternatives! When you're making travel plans, you might want to consider a rental property on Airbnb instead of a hotel or resort in order to save a lot of money. You can also put your humble abode up for rent while you're out travelling. It's a win win situation!

9. JetLag Genie
If you've got a couple dollars to spare, you can get JetLag Genie to avoid jet lag problems! It uses flight information and sleeping schedules to recommend instructions to follow to avoid interruptions in your sleeping patterns. All of this is yours for just $2.99!

10. Travel Alarm Clock Pro
For just $0.99, this nifty little app automatically detects your position between time zones and adjusts the time, currency, weather and alarm clock to match the current location.

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