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Best Money-Saving Shopping Tactics Featured

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We are blessed to be among one of the countries that have the highest selection of goods on our store shelves. Retailers devise all kinds of techniques to attract and retain customers. Usually quality customer service holds the key in customer retention. However, beyond quality service, you should look at some ways to save some money each time you shop. After all, who doesn’t like to save money? Here are nine tips you can use to save money whenever you shop:

Vendor Coupons: Whenever you come across any coupons, either in the mailbox or in the pages of a magazine or flyer, take a look at it. Don’t just toss it away, you may need it for your next shopping trip to save some money.

Price Matching: With retailers trying to outsell their competitors, price matching has become commonplace. Whenever you find a product for cheaper at a store other than the one you frequent, let the cashier or customer service associate know about it and ask them to match the price.

Price adjustment: Some big retailers like Walmart offer price adjustment. Last week, I purchased a bicycle at Walmart. Three weeks later the price went down by 15 per cent. I went back to the store and they adjusted the price. However, price adjustment must be within one month of purchase.

Multi-buy discount: For some items, you pay less when you buy more, usually from two items upwards. It wouldn’t hurt to buy two packs of gum for two dollars instead of one for $1.50.

Scanning code of practice: It’s a provincial law, but retailers are not obliged to practice it. Whenever an item scans more than the display price you get it for free, provided it’s not more than ten dollars. And if it is more than ten dollars, you’re supposed to get ten dollars off the normal price. For stores that practice it, such as Walmart, most cashiers won’t offer it to you unless you ask for it.

Promotional sales: Sales promotions are a great way to save money on purchases. It’s not enough to browse store flyers for sales, certain items may be actually on sale but not published in the flyer for lack of space. Ask the customer service employee or cashier what items are on sale in the store.

Rain check: Whenever you find some items on sale that you think you may need in the near future, ask for a rain check. That will enable you to buy it at a later date at the same promotional sales price.

Miscellaneous discount: It’s not uncommon to walk into a store and discover that the item you need has almost sold out and the stock that's left has damaged packaging. If you feel you can’t wait to return to the store another day to get it or can’t go to another store for the item, go to the customer service desk and ask for a discount. Most stores prefer to sell items with damaged or roughened packaging at 10-20 percent discount rather than claim it.

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