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Top Six Personalized Father's Day Gifts Featured

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With Father's Day just around the corner, it is time to find the perfect gift for the man who spent far too much time and money raising you. Financially you may never be able to pay him back, but here are a couple gift ideas to show your dad you appreciate all he's done for you:

I. Personalized Wine
Pick up a bottle of your dad's favourite wine and  replace the label with a personalized label. Have some fun with it, come up with a witty name. Even if the label doesn't come out how you wanted it to, it'll be the thought—and the wine—that counts.

II. The Right Tone
Unique art prints of all tones and styles are readily available to order online. Find a unique piece of art that really captures your dad's interests and personality. Finding the right tone might just brighten your dad's day.

III. The Pre-Paid Myth
There's a faction of the gift-giving world who still consider giving pre-paid cards to be thoughtless and uncreative, but there is a way around this. With a pre-paid music card, you can download the music beforehand and create a personalized playlist for your dad.

IV. Homemade Soap
Help your dad smell like his favourite scent. Whether it's the fresh outdoors, vanilla, or even coffee, you can either make the scented-soap yourself, or custom-order it online.

V. The Sweet Tooth
Nothing will hit your dad's sweet spot like a jar of personalized candy. Head down to Bulk Barn and pick out a variety of your dad's favourite sweets and then put them in a jar with a personalized message. Your affection will never have tasted so good.

VI. The Classic Tie
There's a reason the tie is seen as a classic gift. Whether it has a humorous or standard print, subtly personalize the tie by getting it in your dad's favourite colour. This little touch will make all the difference.

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