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Anker Types Up Some Great Customer Service Featured

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Through the eyes of Kogul...

Recently, I decided to replace my old, outdated keyboard with a new Bluetooth keyboard. I browsed online and found a company called Anker, which sold affordable Bluetooth keyboards. I purchased one of the keyboards and upon arrival, everything looked good. It seemed to connect flawlessly with my computer and I was satisfied with the purchase. However, I spoke too soon. Though it did connect to my computer, it was constantly unresponsive and wasn’t registering any of the letters I was typing.

After exhausting my searching abilities to find a solution, I decided to contact Anker support where I met Sunny, who was happy to help to shed a ray of light on my troubles. After various attempts of diagnosing the initial problem and offering many solutions, nothing seemed to be able to solve the problem. Sunny and I hung up, unfortunately, leaving me with an unresponsive keyboard. However, over the next few days, Sunny sent me a number of emails suggesting new solutions to my problem until finally, after a week of playing email tag, we stumbled upon a solution.

Sunny told me this was an issue they had never seen before and was very sorry on behalf of Anker for taking so long to solve the issue. To show how apologetic he was for the inconvenience, Anker refunded my order in order to reimburse me for the trouble.

All in all, I got a free keyboard that works flawlessly thanks to Anker’s customer service.

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