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A Novel-ty Customer Service Experience Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

The musty décor of an old bookstore always makes you want to settle in and read, sometimes to the chagrin of the owner. However, it can be a tiresome task searching through all those rows of shelves only to discover that they don't have the book you're looking for in stock. Even if you search the stores website beforehand it can sometimes be dicey whether the store actually has a copy. Recently, I had a similar experience. Despite the let-down of not being able to find the book I was looking for, the excellent customer service certainly made up for it. 

Unable to find the novel that I was looking for, I browsed through the stacks to try and find something similar. There were other novels that were part of the series I was reading and I began to mentally check off which ones I had read, when I was approached by an employee. The employee asked if I needed any help. I admitted that I had come for a particular novel from my favorite series, but was unable to find it. The employee apologized for the inconvenience, and, to my surprise, began to talk with me about the series. At first I thought the employee was merely being friendly, feeling obliged to engage me as a customer. However, after conversing with the employee for a few minutes, I realized they too were a genuine fan.

By the end of our conversation, the employee had recommended an e-book novella which was part of the series, as well as a new series which followed a similar science fiction strain. The accommodating and sincere interaction made me feel like a person rather than just another sale and contributed to a truly novel-ty costumer service experience.

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