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Top Ten Family Activities to do Over the Holidays Featured

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Now that the holidays are officially here and the kids are finally out of school, you are probably wondering what to do with them for the next couple of weeks. Well, there are a bunch of activities you and your family can do to spend some time together! Whether you want to stay in and save a couple bucks, or hit the town with the entire family, we have got you covered in this week's top ten list of the best family activities to do over the holidays.

10. Deck the halls
If you haven't done so already, take some time with the kids to decorate the house for the holidays! No matter what you celebrate during the holiday season, the kids will have a great time decorating the house! It won't cost you anything other than what you spend on the decorations, so it'll be an affordable way to spend a day with the kids.

9. Play in the snow  
When I was a kid, I loved playing in the snow with my parents, so this is a virtually free way to bring joy to their winter vacation! If you're out shoveling for the day, start a mini-hill for your kids to slide down. It'll be a fun-filled day for all! Once everyone is on the verge of getting a little frost bite, head inside to warm up with some hot chocolate.

8. Head for the hills with a toboggan! 
Nothing beats barreling down a snow-covered hill on a toboggan in the middle of winter! If you are looking for something to do at virtually no cost, take your family to the nearest hill with a few toboggans and go nuts! Make sure that the kids are wearing helmets though, because those toboggans can go pretty fast!

7. Build a gingerbread house!
For about $10, you can head over to the grocery store and buy a gingerbread house kit. The kits usually include decorative candies and icing sugar, so you should be set for a day filled with sugary arts and crafts! If you need some extra candy to spruce up your house, the Bulk Barn is a great and cheap way to make it look festive.

6. Arts and crafts
If it's too cold outside to do any activities, stay inside and do some arts and crafts with the family. After a quick trip to the dollar store, you and the kids will have all you need to create little works of art. You can even have the kids make holiday decorations for the house. It doubles up as an activity and an affordable way to spread some holiday cheer!

5. Lace up the skates and go skating
During the winter months, community centers and outdoor rinks are filled with families and friends enjoying this classic winter activity. In most cases, admission to outdoor rinks is free, while rental costs for skates are relatively low.

4. Go for a walk on a trail
Canada is home to some of the most beautiful walking trails during the winter time, so bundle up with the kids and go for a long walk. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even rent a pair of snowshoes! Who knows, you may even see a deer or some other furry critters dashing through the snow. Remember to pack a lunch and some snacks if you're planning to be out for the day. It's a great way to sit in the snow and enjoy some food amongst nature.

3. Go for a swim
Taking the family for a swim at your local community center pool can be a great way to pass the time and remind everyone about the joys of summer weather. Try and look for a fully equipped facility- one that has both a slide and a hot tub, so that the kids and parents both have something to enjoy.

2. Holiday movie night
Looking to stay in as opposed to going out? If so, rent a movie or use your favorite online platform and pick out a few holiday flicks for you and the kids! Try mixing it up by finding some new holiday favorites that the kids will like, while renting a few classics from your childhood as well!

1. Hit the slopes
Whether or not you are into winter sports, skiing and snowboarding can be one of the most active things to do as a family. Try going to one of the smaller ski resorts where they have more novice slopes for the kids to learn on. Depending on where you go, family day passes and rental packages are usually moderately priced. If you're not too good on your feet, you can always hit the tubing hills! After everyone is tired, head over to the chalet and warm up with your hands by the fireplace.

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