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Top Ten Group Travel Tips Featured

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Although it may have seemed like a good idea at first, traveling in large groups can be pretty exhausting. When groups fight over what to do while traveling, it can put a strain on good relationships, making it difficult to travel a continent with people you do not want to speak to. Luckily, we have gathered our own tried and tested list of the top ten ways to improve your next group travel experience. The tips may not keep you from getting annoyed with each other, but they will definitely prevent a fist fight in the streets of Venice. 

10. Look for group discounts and rates

There is always that one person in the group who doesn't want to do anything because it “costs too much”. Although it is admirable to want to save some money while traveling, that should not be the answer to every suggestion. To avoid this, try to look for trips that offer group rates or discounts. This is how you please the frugal friend on your trip!

9. Make your intentions known

Before you travel with your group, have everyone share what their intentions are for the entire trip. Do people want to go sight-seeing while others shop? Do others want to venture into the wilderness while some want to lay on the beach? Making your intentions known from the start will help squash any conflicts ahead of time.

8. Give yourselves time! 

No matter how hard you try, it's quite the challenge to do everything that every single person wants to do on the trip. To prevent disappointment (and worst of all, a fist-fight), don't try to fit everything into one rigorous schedule. Spread activities out so everyone can have the chance to do something they want. Full itineraries also stress travelers out, so be sure to include breaks!

7. Have a back-up plan

This tip speaks to both the group and individual travelers. If something is planned as a group, there should also be a back up itinerary in place in case something goes wrong. Have a plan ready for the times that you are split-up from the rest of the group.

6. Break up into smaller groups

Most of the time, breaking up into smaller groups can make traveling in larger groups much easier. The trip will be much more enjoyable when people with shared interests start exploring together. This will allow everyone to do what they want to do on the trip!

5. Compromise

If everyone in the group makes small compromises, everyone will get a chance to do something that they want to do. This will also breed confidence and camaraderie amongst the group if they see that each individual is willing to compromise for the other.  

4. Know who you are traveling with

If you know of certain people in the group that do not get along with each other, it is best that they do not travel with the group. You might be forced to make some difficult executive decisions, but forcing feuding friends to travel with each other can be met with good intentions and extremely disastrous results.

3. Be open...

This point may be easier said than done, but it is very important to be open while traveling in a group. Along with making small compromises, being open will allow for better group relations. Who knows; you may end up liking something that you didn't like before- if you are open to the suggestion.  

2. Be independent

Keep in mind that you're going on the trip for the sake of yourself- not just for the sake of the group. With that being said, if listening and compromising with others in the group does not work, then break off into your own little adventure! Although you are there with others, make sure that you're still having fun. 

1. Give each other space

Despite what you may think, giving each other space while traveling in a group is essential for travel survival. If things are getting a little heated, have everyone disperse, then meet up again at a particular time. This time in between will give each individual a chance to cool off and be reminded that they actually don't hate their best friend. 

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