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Six Father’s Day Activities Featured

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Through the eyes of Paula...

Just to remind everyone, Father’s Day is approaching. Depending on your dad’s personality and character, he may prefer either material gifts or activities. Those activities could include quality time with loved ones, or quality time in a solitary setting. If your dad is particularly outdoorsy or values experiences more than objects, then here are six Father’s Day activities that many dads are sure to love.

1: Golfing – This quintessential Father’s Day activity is beloved because to many dads, it is like a relaxing getaway from the regular routines of their lives. A few hours spent in a grassy area working on golf techniques and having little conversations here and there is a great atmosphere for fun and bonding.

2: Baseball (or any sports game) – Whether your dad prefers to go watch a game on a leisurely, warm day or play catch in a park, you can’t go wrong with planning a day of sports activities.

3: Camping, hiking, fishing – These activities are likely to occur in the same location, which is why they are grouped together. Many men enjoy the rough wilderness of nature, so venturing through it will ignite your dad’s passion for nature while also providing a calm, solitary aspect that can revitalize his spirits and provide a refreshing getaway.

4: Car Show – Another activity is to get deep into the world of cars – old vintage gems or hip modern innovations. If your dad enjoys cars, then going to a car show with him would be akin to taking him to a candy store. Cars of all types will surround him, and it will be a great time to enjoy the cars, marvel at them, and even become educated in their history.

5: Brewery – Most dads love to enjoy a beer either regularly or every now and then. Visiting a brewery will open your dad’s eyes to the different options and variations out there, and will allow him to get a bit fancy and explore his tastes.

6: Spa Day – If your dad would appreciate a day of pampering, then he will enjoy a trip to the spa. More men are visiting spas, and spas are in turn offering more services tailored specifically to men. He can receive a massage, sit in the sauna or the bath, and have rest and relaxation for Father’s Day.

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