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Five Great Barbecue Places in Toronto Featured

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Through the eyes of Paula...

The arrival of summer brings with it a desire to fire up the barbecue and fill the air with the smell of delicious, flavourful meats and other grilled foods. When you can’t get to the barbecue yourself, or when the hours of smoking are too long a wait, you will want to check out high-quality barbecue restaurants where the meat is seriously good. Here are five of the best barbecue restaurants in Toronto:

  1. Barque Smokehouse: Located on Roncesvalles, this restaurant is very popular within the city and is well-known for its traditional BBQ brisket, ribs, and wings. It is a nice small neighbourhood spot, and it has family night on Sundays.

  1. The Stockyards: This restaurant, located on St. Clair West, has consistently been named one of the best for barbecue in Toronto. It serves wood-smoked BBQ, and it has the only wood fired cooker in Toronto. This means that certain dishes are not available 24/7, but that is the price to pay for the best quality meat. You get it when it’s available, and enjoy the taste experience.

  1. Big Crow: Found on Dupont St. hidden behind Rose and Sons, this inventive barbecue restaurant offers a selection that changes seasonally. Communal picnic tables keep the outdoor cookout vibe alive year round, and eating with your hands and sharing is highly encouraged.

  1. Lou Dawg’s: Located in the Ryerson area, on Gerrard St. East, this smokehouse pub has all the ingredients for a good barbecue restaurant: smoked meats, Southern dishes, and poutine served late into the night. This would be an excellent choice for university students.

  1. Electric Mud BBQ: This stylish place is located on Brock Avenue in the Parkdale area, and boasts cool features like rock music and picnic tables. It has a Southern feel, and uses both the fryer and the cooker. Eating here will definitely prove to be a unique experience, with the distinct atmosphere and food.

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