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Top Ten Places to Visit in Ontario Featured

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Ontario is one of Canada's most prominent provinces in several ways. Apart from housing the country's capital city, having a very diverse and multi-cultural population, and featuring Toronto- a commercial powerhouse, Ontario provides an entire plethora of travel and adventurous activities that are sure to fulfill the expectations of any eager traveler or vacation seeker. Here are our top ten picks of things to do and see in Ontario listed from west to east!

1. Driving through Lake Superior

If you're looking for a scenic drive around Thunder Bay, one of Ontario's southern-most points, then you're in luck! Thunder Bay borders Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, and it is sprawling with forests and wildlife. If you're in the for long haul, the you can take on this 350 mile trek and head further east!

2. Point Pelee National Park

Home to a vast species of migratory birds and various forms of flora and fauna, Point Pelee National Park is the place to go to for bird enthusiasts as well as nature lovers looking to see what Canada's ecology has to offer.

3. Royal Botanical Gardens

Interested in botany? Well, the Royal Botanical Gardens may be the right destination for you! Located in southwestern Ontario, these gardens house a multitude of flowers- covering over a field of almost 1000 hectares! It is also home to some of Canada's rarest species of plant life that grow exclusively to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

4. Niagara-on-the-Lake (Wine Region)

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a scenic route that leads to Niagara Falls. Here, you'll find historic buildings, panoramic views of the surrounding farm lands, and vineyards where you can indulge in some wine tastings. If ice wines are your poison, then be sure to try Ontario's German-style “ice wine”.

5. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ontario. The falls provide an awesome sight of nature's might. The tunnel tours allow visitors to get a better look of the flow of water behind the falls. In addition to this, the Maid of the Mist cruise ride at the base of the falls completes the experience. 

6. A Trip to Toronto

Toronto has a lot to offer. It's a major city in the province of Ontario and it houses The Toronto Zoo, CN Tower, ROM Museum, The Eaton Center and the Downtown area- just to name a few. The variety of experiences that Toronto has to offer is amazing and the affordable accommodations surrounding the Downtown core make it hard not to stay the night.

7. Art Gallery of Ontario

If you're an art enthusiast, be sure to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario while you're in Toronto. The extensive collection of exhibits range from historic statues to mystical Inuit carvings.

8. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin is a great place for nature lovers. Algonquin Provincial Park is home to some of Canada's most prominent wildlife symbols including bears, wolves and moose. The camping experience offered by this location is a must-try for all those interested in an adventure. If you prefer modern conveniences, there's also a resort within the park.

9. Thousand Islands

If you want to take a dip into cool waters, then you may want to visit Thousand Islands! They offer a variety of water activities including boating, fishing and scuba diving. Thousand Islands also has a bunch of guided tours that take you around the islands by ferry boat. If you want to go on the full tour, have your passport ready as they do cross into the United States!  

10. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and it features many historic landmarks and buildings that would peak anyone's interest. You can choose from some of the tours that are offered- many of which include a tour of various government buildings. The city has a large variety of museums ranging from art to science to history. Interested in the city's nightlife? Ottawa has that too! Visit Byward market for a fun night out on the town.


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