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Top 4 Affordable Bars in Toronto Featured

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$8 Vodka shots? $9 Tequila shots?

After just over an hour at a club or a bar, you can easily spend over $50 as you recklessly drink shots after shots, most of which seem heavily diluted. If you are like me, a very price-conscious person, dropping a $50 at a club or a bar is not easy to do. However, the temptation is damning, I must say. For those of us who want to enjoy a night out with our friends with lots of drinks minus the empty wallet, here is a list of my Top 4 affordable bars in Toronto:

1. Sneaky Dee's: Crazy graffiti on the wall, cheap drinks, live indie rock band, and a chill atmosphere are all part of the experience at Sneaky Dee's. It is easily a fun place to check out after a night out or to go grab some breakfast the morning after

2. Imperial Pub: This pub is more for the older customers looking for cheap drinks. You can choose from a wide range of draft beers and listen to live music.

3.Communist's Daughter: Cozy and quaint, this bar is a favorite of many locals. It is a very small bar, fitting approximately 40 people maximum. The place is decorated like an old bar from the 80's and is a very friendly environment with the bartender occasionally playing music with his band, serving drinks in-between verses.

4. The Labyrinth Lounge: The Lab is a go-to place for students looking for cheap drinks and a place to dance with good music. Drinks are as cheap as $3 a shot, with a variety of alcohol to choose from other than beer.






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