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Five Inspiring Travel Destinations

People travel for many reasons, whether it is for leisure or to challenge themselves with new goals. One such reason for travel is to inspire oneself. Creativity is the fuel for success and here are 5 places, that in this author's humble opinion, are perfect places to ignite your creativity.


#1: Venice, Italy

It goes without saying that this wonderful city would wind up on the list, Venice is truly a sight to behold. With its intricate network of canals, beautiful bridges, and classical architecture, it's no wonder that many have looked to this city for inspiration. St Mark's Campanile, an imposing and beautiful bell tower, located in St. Marks square, and is one of the city's most striking landmarks. This is just one of many impressive landmarks that attracts nearly 60,000 people a day to the city.


#2: Vancouver, British Columbia

This Canadian city is as beautiful as it is modern. One of Canada's densest and most culturally diverse cities, Vancouver is a mosaic of many beautiful art forms. With a breathtaking skyline, coastal views and a rich maritime history. The beautiful Stanley park is among the many highlights of Vancouver. A 1,001 acre national park, it sports more than 27 kilometers of hiking trails, an 8.8 Km seawall, and luxurious beaches. Vancouver is the perfect combination of classical and modern sensibilities.


#3: Scotland

There is nothing more inspiring than the rugged beauty of nature. Many artists have drawn their inspirations from nature. This is something that Scotland has in spades. From the beautiful moors, to the sea-carved shores, Scotland is a bounty of natural wonders. There is also wonders of a man-made variety, from Edinburgh castle to Glasgow's art nouveau architecture, the attractions of Scotland are just as awe-inspiring at the land upon which they are built upon.  


#4: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's bustling cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires is a sight to behold. With many classical landmarks, like the 16thcentury Plaza De Mayo, Buenos Aires is a wonderful destination. There are many landmarks of natural and man-made beauty. From the presidential palace, Casa Rosada, to the ultra-modern Latin American art museum, Buenos Aires is a city that is as passionate as its soccer team.


#5: Moscow, Russia


Located along the Moskva river, Moscow is the vibrant capital of Russia. Sporting some of the most vivid and beautiful buildings in the world, along with attractions of amazing quality. The Kremlin, located in the center of the city, is a fortified complex that is home to the president, along with the nations treasures. Saint Basil's cathedral is a building so iconic, that many creators have drawn inspiration from its unique design. All these things and more make Moscow an amazing and inspirational destination for the avid traveler.