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Have you been thinking about becoming a mystery shopper? We know that many people are very reluctant to start mystery shopping and we can understand why. While we are very well aware that there are tons of nay-sayers and scammers out there, we want you to read a blog written by our friend, Matt Gibson, and his team over at Flight Network.

Evaluate It by SQM has recently added a fresh, new list of international flights that are available for mystery shops! It is perfect for the avid traveler or even the busy professional. Matt has had us on his radar, and you should too! The list is growing every day, and we hope to reach all corners of the world in the near future.

Matt's article highlights a few facts about Evaluate It by SQM, the basics of mystery shopping, how to become a mystery shopper with SQM, a typical evaluation and its requirements, and payment and processing procedures.

So, if you were ever hesitant about joining us for your journey, we have real people giving you real testimonies. Read Matt's blog here and get started with Evaluate It by SQM today!

P.S. If you love Matt's blog as much as we do, you can find out more about his travel adventures on his blog, Enjoy and we hope to have you on board soon!

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