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What to Expect When Flying for the First Time Featured

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Flying for the first time may become nerve wracking. There are many elements and aspects that will go wrong at any given moment. To ensure a less stressful flight, you have to become prepared for every thinkable situation.

As of now, you have already booked your flight in advance and have your ticket ready to go. Here are some things to expect from start to finish when flying for the first time:

Pre-Boarding: Be sure you call the airport ahead of time and double check that your flight is still running on time and to make sure your flight isn’t canceled last minute. Whether you are driving down or taking a taxi, arrive at the airport three to four hours upon departure to give yourself time to find your way to your section.

Carry-on Luggage: Every luggage will be different from one person to another due to where they are going and the duration of their trip. During every flight, be sure to bring travel sized beauty products such as makeup removers, baby wipes, hand lotion, and hand sanitizers. These items may be purchased at your local drugstore and can be inexpensive. It is important to freshen up and it will always come in handy.

Other important items to bring include inhalers if you have asthma, an iPod, and a good pair of headphones for entertainment. Be sure to bring a pack of your favourite gum. Why gum? When the plane is taking off and is thousands of miles in the clouds, the pressure tends to become strong on your eardrums and it will prevent your ears from ringing. If you don’t chew gum, candy will help as well.

Tip: Often, airplane food has a negative misconception, that the food is dull or tasteless. If that is your concern, pack a lightweight sandwich to be sure that you won't starve until your next meal.

Security Screening: To make things smoother, make sure not to wear tons of jewelry or wear metal belts; otherwise, the alarm will go off when you go through the metal detector. Be sure to wrap your delicate items such as mugs and plates around clothing to prevent breakage. Be advised that your luggage can weigh up to certain amount per luggage. Depending on the airport, charges may vary. Once you have shown your boarding pass and walked through the gates, you will have plenty of time to use the restroom, grab food, and rest until departure.

Comfortability: You never know who will be boarding the same plane. If you are going to be traveling far, you may encounter long hours of screaming children and find it difficult to sleep. One easy tip is to pop in those headphones to your iPod and tune it out. Another tip is to bring a neck pillow on your carry on so you may rest more comfortably. An airplane is just another way of traveling, just in the air. You are now well informed and ready to explore your destination!


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