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Top Five Easy DIY Holiday Gifts Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

We know that the Holiday Season can be quite the burden on your wallet, so if you're feeling crafty we have some DIY projects that you gift to your special somebody! These projects are fun, easy, and spread holiday cheer without having to spread out your finances.

1. T-Shirt Designs
Get creative with your digital designing skills and create a design that can be ironed onto a shirt with special icon-on t-shirt transfer paper. Take care to follow the printing instructions in the packaging carefully and take note of the washing instructions.

2. Handmade Clay Charms
From Polymer to Fimo clay there are many types of bakeable clays you can use to mold your very own custom-designed charms. Simple tools such as a small blade or texture tools would help you add detail to your charm as well.

3. Printed Towels
Get some fabric paint, sponges, scissors, and blank towels. Cut the sponges into whatever shape you want, dip the sponge design into some fabric paint and splot away on the blank towel for a simple and fun design.

4. Chalkboard Frames
Stay organized throughout the summer with your very own chalkboard by taking an inexpensive frame and painting the glass with chalkboard paint. Glue a strong magnet onto the back of your new chalkboard so that you can put it up in your room.

5. Personalized Tote Bags
Some fabric dye, fabric paint, a blank tote bag, and paint brushes are all you need to create a personalized tote bag. Whether it is for the beach or casual shopping, you will be going out with flare.

Feel free to share photos of your own results of these do-it-yourself projects!

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