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Top Five Vintage Stores in Toronto Featured

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There are tons of fashion trends from the 80's and 90's making their way back onto the scene and many top retailers are taking notice. If you're anything like me, you hunt for deals and you're not willing to pay top dollar for the “latest” styles that you can find for a much cheaper price. This is why I'm bringing you my five favorite vintage stores in Toronto. Chic, stylish, and affordable? I'm there!

1. House of Vintage
The House of Vintage, located in Parkdale, showcases flamboyant shirts, sequined frocks and maxi dresses for summer. Browse their accessories, which include leather boots and wing tip brogues. Also, their t-shirts and button down shirts are located at the back of the store.

2. Life of Manek
Life of Manek is considered to be the vintage spot in Little Portugal.  Located near Dundas West, this vintage shop includes psychedelic maxi dresses, ‘80s heels, handbags from the 1950s and leather flats.

3. Penny Arcade Vintage
Penny Arcade has plenty to offer the young and hip in the Dundas West neighbourhood with old school rocker basics such as ‘90s band tees, bohemian dresses and acid wash jean jackets. They also sell denim shorts, woven flats and leather skirts for the summer.

4. Gadabout
This vintage store is located near Leslieville and they have a trove of clothing, accessories, curios and trinkets. Their skirts and dresses are organized neatly by size. Their clothing style ranges from Edwardian era to the ‘70s, with everything from Gatsby styled dresses to ‘40s structured blazers.

5. Cabaret
Located on Queen St. West, Cabaret is known for their comprehensive knowledge of high-end clothing. Their products include body-skimming 1960s dresses, sparkly brooches, flapper frocks and cuffs. The men’s section, which is located downstairs, contains a spectacular selection of sits and ascots for the modern day male who is dedicated to style.

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