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So Long Summer! Shopping for a Cold Weather Wardrobe Featured

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Through the eyes of Joshua...

Wow! Can't believe it. Summer is gone and fall is chilling the streets of Toronto. Last weekend I visited  a major clothing outlet and was surprised to see winter clothing. Conversely, summer wears, especially the swim trunks, are gradually vanishing. Retailers are doing away with them to make room for weather-appropriate wear. Shrewd shoppers can find some great summer wear on sale. This is a great time to buy, especially if you're on a shoestring budget. A visit to Designer Depot on Toronto's West end showed remarkable mark-downs on summer and even office wear. Here are some ways to save money during winter shopping:

Don't buy on impulse: Many shoppers buy on impulse. One way to guard against impulse buying is to pay for purchases with cash. People usually find it easier to swipe their credit cards rather than pay cash. If you are a shopaholic, shop with cash and you will be more reluctant to buy on impulse. Although I am not usually an impulse buyer, I have decided to put away most of my credit cards and ever since I have been able to control my purchases.

Shop Early: Most weather oriented clothing is cheaper before the start of the season when most shoppers don't really care much about shopping. To make sales, stores usually mark down the prices of items.

Look for good bargains: Do not get stuck with a particular retailer. If you're in a mall where there are many retailers it would be good to go round and compare prices before you finally settle for the best offer.

Buy only what you need: It's always a good idea to buy only what you need. After all, what's the wisdom in buying what you don't need? It's a common sight to see shoppers returning items to stores they purchased on impulse and realized they didn't need.

Think twice before buying online: It's enticing to buy online, however, before you do, check the store price first. I know some retailers, such as Walmart, have online items that are surprisingly more expensive than the regular store price.

Always make a list: It pays to make a list before heading to the store for shopping. It will help  you to remember what you need and keep you from making unnecessary purchases.

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