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Four Unusual Olympic Sports Featured

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Through the eyes of Paula...

With the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics approaching quickly, it may interest some people to learn about some lesser known Olympic sports. To take a break from the well-known events, one can take a chance on watching and learning about a different event. Here are a few unusual Olympic sports.

1. Judo: Judo is a gentle way for athletes to take their opponents down – gentle as in not involving kicking or punching. This martial art uses a combination of throws and muscle power. This year marks 52 years since judo was introduced in the Olympics.

2. Rugby: Rugby may be unusual only because it has been absent from the Olympics for decades. The top contenders for the top prize are the Canadian and American women’s teams.

3. Field hockey: Field hockey is the only Olympic team sport in which there are medalists from all inhabited continents of the world. Historically played on grass, the international federation modified it to be played on a synthetic surface to provide a faster pace for flicking or chasing the ball. At Rio 2016, teams will compete in 15-minute quarters rather than 35-minute halves.

4. Trampoline gymnastics: Trampoline gymnastics only made its debut at the Sydney 2000 games, which is fairly recent. Competitors can compete solo or in teams, and they must execute an array of twists, turns, and other aerial feats while completing 10 bounces that put their bodies several metres above a trampoline. 

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