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Gender Neutral Holiday Gift Ideas Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan,Yule, or any other occasion this holiday season, giving a meaningful and gender-inclusive gift to someone you love could truly make their year. Below is a list of gender neutral holiday gift ideas and ways you could add some personal flare to them!

1. Cozy Cocoa
Warm up your loved one's heart and hands with the gift of hot chocolate coupled with some marshmallows. Put the hot chocolate and marshmallow packages in a mug, add a handmade mug sleeve, and wrap up the gift in cellophane. Don't forget to add the wrapping decorations!

2. Decked Out Deck of Cards
There are several websites that allow you to upload your own card designs and have them made into playing cards. There is just something special about receiving a deck of cards with one's favourite characters in them. Wrap up the gift with series-related wrapping paper that could be either bought or printed online.

3. Bookmarked Books
Is your loved one in love with a certain series of books? When you go on their Facebook page, you could check which books they have read, and which books they want to read in the future. Once you have chosen and bought the books, add a series-related bookmark to the gift. If you know their favourite quote, you could also find out which book it's from and put the bookmark on that very page!

4. Moving Movie Tickets
Get not only one, but two movie tickets for your loved one! Two movie tickets would give your loved one the choice of bringing whoever they wish to see the movie with them. Find out what is coming out in theaters during the holiday season, and closely read the online reviews to see if the movie would be something your loved one would enjoy.

5. Winning Bottle of Wine
Your loved one's favourite bottle of wine coupled with new wine glasses would both be appreciated and enjoyed. Personalize the gift by creating your very own wine label, and wrapping it around the bottle of wine! The label could include a witty tag line, an inside joke, or an assortment of your loved one's favourite quotes.

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