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Customer Service on Black Friday Goes Both Ways Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy...

The malls are crowed, people are in a hurry, and the lineups go throughout the store! While Black Friday is a day filled with fantastic deals, people who work in customer service must take on a big challenge. How often do we hear a customer sigh heavily in line while carrying heavy bags and new items to purchase? How often are customer service workers abrupt in dealing with the customers due to the sheer volume of people that they have to help? Customer service on Black Friday goes both ways. – From the customer to the Customer Service Representative, and the Customer Service Representative to the customer.

Here are 5 ways customers and Customer Service Representatives could make the Black Friday shopping experience be as smooth as possible:

1. Customer Service Over the Phone
Calling for the help of Customer Service Representatives could be frustrating because of the long holds. However, if customers prepare their questions beforehand, and remember to make them short, sweet, and to the point, then Customer Service Representatives could quickly and easily help them!

For the Customer Service Representatives, bringing in extra workers to aid in customer service could reduce the long holds. Customer Service Representatives should also be well-trained and knowledgeable in order to answer questions clearly and consistently.

2. Customer Service Using Social Media
In the age of technology, customers are being more vocal about their favourite brands on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. If customers have a concern about a certain product, then be polite to the person behind the social media page. Don't forget that the gold rule is, “treat others how you would like to be treated.”

The person working on customer service via social media can in turn thank customers for reaching out to them. Providing links to aid customers in finding more information about things is effective as well. Responding quickly on social media is another way to help more customers in less time.

3. Understanding the Frustration
Customer service can be frustrating to both the customers and the Customer Service Representatives! Once both parties understand that crowds, people in a hurry, and long lineups cannot be helped by a heavy sigh coupled with anger, then the customer service experience would be more pleasant. Customers could check their phones, read a book, or strike up a brief conversation with others while waiting for service.

Customer Service Representatives could ask a brief question to the customers about their day so that the customers could release some of their frustration through expressing it. Friendly greeting and parting words may seem lost to the customers' ears at times, however the positive demeanor is memorable! Customers would remember how well they were treated, and come back to stop at the store on another day.

4. Prepare for Trouble, and Make it Double
Customers could help reduce long lineups by having their method of payment at hand before reaching the cash register! Not only does this help the other customers, but the Customer Service Representatives as well. By preparing beforehand the correct amount of cash or the correct type of card, there won't be struggle and frustration when searching for either of those items at the cash register.

Customer Service Representatives could double that preparation for trouble by observing if the customers have either cash or a card ready at hand. Once Customer Service Representatives know the method of payment, then they could prepare it even before the customers reaches the cash register.

5. Communication is Key
It is important for customers to fully understand the discount of interest before creating accusations about either the Customer Service Representatives or a brand. To avoid miscommunication, customers should either carefully read the details of the discount, or ask Customer Service Representatives for clarification.

Customer Service Representatives should be knowledgeable about the details of their store's discounts as well. They should be clear and concise in answering answer the customers' questions. If the initial explanation does not make sense to customers, then rewording it using different terms could be very effective. 



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