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Tips For Selling Your Used Textbooks Featured

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Through the eyes of Amy....

Unfortunately, leafs are changing colours and the weather is starting to get cooler, which only means one thing…the new school year is starting! This means paying for tuition, rent, transportation and textbooks. Whenever possible, getting used textbooks are the way to go.  Not only are they cost-effective, but may come with free notes as well. Of course, successfully obtaining and selling such textbooks would require efforts from both parties. This blog will focus on tips for sellers:

1. Know the Market:

Before making your posting, look up what other people are selling and how much they are selling for. If the quality of your books is better, you may get away with asking for higher price. To get the best price, post your ad early and offer an additional incentive, such as offering notes. If your ad is the first one up, check the price for a used and new copy of the book at the university bookstore to determine a price for your book. 

2. Post on Student Websites:

 If your school has a website where students could list their used textbooks, and then post you listings ASAP! Listing is free of charge, and since many students know of the website, it will be very likely that you’ll get a reply.

3. Post on Facebook Pages:

Join Facebook pages for your university, program, and/or course and make a post stating that you are selling textbooks and notes (if you have them) for that course. Look for Facebook groups made by students of your school for the sole purpose of textbook exchanges as well.

4. Keep It Clear and Concise:

In your posts, clearly state the course number, the condition of your textbook, and the method of contact. A photo of the textbook would also suffice as opposed to adding more words to your posts.

5. Do Not Lead Them On:

Always contact the buyer beforehand if you have found another buyer. Be mindful that the buyer may have been waiting to buy the textbook from you for a while. You would not like to be waiting at a meeting location for a long time only to have someone text you that they have already sold the textbook.

6. Take it Down:

Once you have sold your textbooks, take your old posts down. You would not want to be constantly contacted about textbooks that you no longer own. This will save both your time and another student’s time.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog for tips for buyers!


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