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Top Six Tips To Packing Light Featured

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When traveling, one of the hardest things to do is to pack—and pack light to be exact! Here are our Top Six Tips to help you pack lighter for your next trip:


1) Make a List and Check it Twice

Do your research before you travel. Always check the weather at your destination as well as your itinerary for your trip. Make a list of ONLY the necessary items that you will need to bring. This will limit you from packing things that you do not need.


2) Mix and Match

Plan your outfits and items ahead of time. Only pack items that will have more than one use for your trip, for example a dress that can dressed up or dressed down, a pair of jeans can be worn with multiple different shirts/blouses.


3) Pack a Little Detergent

If you are away for a longer period of time, either get your clothes washed using the hotel's services or bring a little detergent with you so you can wash them during your stopovers.


4) Low Maintenance Wardrobe

It would make the previous tip easier for you, if your clothes are both wrinkle resistant and also made of quick dry materials. This will save you time during your trip and space in your luggage.


5) Pre-Packing

Before packing your items into your bag, lay them all out on your bed or floor first so that you can physically see what you are taking. You will not only know if you have too much or missing anything, it will most importantly limit you from adding other items that you may not need.


6) Buy Stuff There

Last but not the least, ask yourself if you can buy any items that you have in front of you at your destination. More often than not, you will find that some items that you have are unnecessary or can be bought along the way.


Happy travels!

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