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Three Places That I Want to Visit in Five Years Featured

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Through the eyes of Shay...

The only places that I have ever traveled to besides my home country, Iran, include Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, and Buffalo in New York which I visited twice. I have never spontaneously booked a trip with my friends and made it happen. There are so many factors that play a part before booking a flight. First, you have to determine who is on board for a vacation. Second, you have to find out how big or small your budget is to determine where you want to visit and what you can actually afford with that budget. If time continuously passes with no realistic decisions, you know the plans will not follow through. Be sure to book flights while you can, so you can avoid last minute cancellations and cold feet.

Throughout the last few years, I had plenty of time to think about where I truly want to visit and what I wanted to do during that time. In chronological order below, I have listed the top three places I wish to travel outside of Canada.

New York City: I have often ran this option by a good friend of mine. NYC is the closest place to home and the most inexpensive commute. The only thing that was stopping us from going was the attempt to book the same days off from work. If it went as planned, I would have visited Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. Once I got that out of the way, I would shop until I dropped and indulge in all the American food, whatever that may be. Then at night, I would dress up and explore the night life. Because I am a little daring, before I leave, I would make an appointment for a quick tattoo to top off the whole experience!

Cuba: As much as I love the city life, I also love the thought of laying in the white sand overlooking the breathtaking clear blue beach in the town of Veradero. I have been working non-stop for over a year, so Cuba would be the perfect location for a little getaway. I want to experience the Cuban culture in terms of the food and music. On top of that, who can forget about the all-inclusive activities that the resort has to offer.

Paris: The city looks extremely romantic. To be honest, the Eiffel Tower is where I have always dreamed for my engagement proposal to take place. I love French food, so this would be a perfect place to experience the authenticity. I want to visit the beaches and explore all the rich historical landmarks. But let's not forget how awesome wine tasting would be. I wouldn't know what to expect when I arrive, but I would plan my days based on my mood and see where life takes me.


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