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Top 10 Upcoming Travel Bloggers Featured

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Travel-Blogging is like a win-win situation. You combine your passions of writing and travel, and you get to help and inspire others on your journey. Travel-blogging not only takes dedication and a positive outlook, but also the unquenchable thirst for adventure and an ever-lasting curiosity for different cultures, foods, and unexplored locations. We have reached out to some of the very best upcoming travel bloggers across the globe, and in no particular order, here is our top 10! Let us guide you through these travel bloggers who are just as amazing as their journeys themselves!


1. Best of World Travel – Did you know that Joe (that's Captain Joe, to you!) is not only an online freelancer and traveller, but also combines these strengths to write timeless travel articles? Captain Joe and his team are always on board with providing fantastic content to their readers. Content includes reviews of delicious food – Who will win the Food War? – beaches of the world, and explorations of not only the seas, but the land and sky! Cruise a world of adventures when you come aboard this ship!


2. The Whole World or Nothing – Need travel tips, destinations, and inspiration? Let's shout “YOLO!” and join James and Sarah on their fearless quest for adventure! They are also up for learning about other cultures in order to change everyone's perspective for the better. From Brazil to Chile to Uruguay to China to all across the world, you'll never get bored while browsing through their travel blog. Put your fears aside, and follow your dreams of travel like James and Sarah – It's all or nothing!


3. I am Aileen – Digital nomad Aileen is both a travel blogger and an inspiration. Her blog teaches everyone how they could travel the world despite their financial circumstances! She discusses some of her very best travel experiences and provides resources to help everyone create a memorable and accessible getaway. Her articles are always packed with information – Whether you are looking for travel hacks, guides, recommendations, or tips, Aileen's blog is accessible to everyone.


4. A Capricious Compass – Lavina takes journalism to the next level with her blog that shares her travel experiences, stories, photos, and recommendations. Always fascinated by different cultures, places, and people, yet understanding the importance of friends, family, and work, Lavina guides us on how to find that perfect balance. Her blog is indeed a capricious compass that always sends you to new places!


5. Wanderlust + Heart – Teacher, traveller, writer, and artist, Elizabeth's blog is the place where her superpowers shine. She has tutorials on how to pack effectively, advice on how to teach abroad, and even stylish outfit ideas to share with her readers. Independent, self-motivated, culturally conscious, and adventurous, Elizabeth is an inspiration to everyone striving to be a better person with a fulfilling lifestyle!


6. Business Traveler's Wife – Travel? Business? Fun? Is it possible to pack all of them together in one suitcase? Of course! With her blog, Jen shows her readers how to make the most out of their travels, for she writes about how everyone can travel by being smart with their miles and points. While her husband is working, she pampers herself, writes reviews, and does her best to cross things off in her bucket list! Through her blog, you can also 110% tell that Jen is motivated by the curiosity to discover new cultures and food across the world!


7. Claire's Itchy Feet – Looking for your one-stop place for budget travel advice, travel hacks, and funny stories? Look no further! Claire is a travel blogger and professional dancer who explores the world of arts and culture. By following her journey, you will walk the streets of a new place, be inspired by stunning photography, and almost taste the delicious food that she describes in her posts!


8. Pretty Wanderer Blog – Meet Sneha – A homemaker, foodie, and an avid traveller! She and her husband have many exciting weekend getaways coupled with planned vacations. With her blog, Sneha aims to travel to new places, learn about culture, experience famous locations, relax, and, of course, eat a lot of food! Follow her blog for exciting journeys – You won't regret it!


9. What Nadine Loves – Fine dining, good wine, and travelling. These are what Nadine loves. With a budding talent in photography, her blog takes you on an almost whimsical journey through Venice and many other beautiful places. By reading the lifestyle section of her blog, you will not only know, but understand the life of a passionate traveller. Whether you're into travel, lifestyle, or both, you will be inspired by Nadine's breathtaking journey.


10. Salt & Sandals – Are you a traveller and a foodie? Then Doctor Sudipto's blog is the place to visit! Surgeon in training and foodie in full, he combines his iron liver and stomach with the greatest passion for beverages and far east cuisine to bring his readers the best reviews. From vegetarian restaurants to mouth-watering meat produce, Doctor Sudipto travels across the world to bring everyone the best of the best!



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